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Composites Solutions specializes for many years in the development and state-of-the-art manufacturing of armor designs for personnel protection, land systems, airborne systems and naval armoring. The company’s locations are the USA, the UAE and South East Asia covering the worldwide market.


Our global presence guarantees close contact to end-users to fully understand their requirements. We made it therefore our mission to understand all technical demands and mission requirements to design, develop and manufacture the most suitable armor design available. Composites Solutions achieved a worldwide reputation over the years as a reliable, quality driven, technical focused and innovative partner.

Quality Assurance

Composites Solutions is proud to be certified according to ISO9001:2015. With our internal quality assurance system we track all materials and components starting from an ingoing quality control to the finished armor design. Further more our quality assurance system includes all processes within Composites Solutions starting from the initial development to the final packaging and logistics. All our armor designs are tested and certified at international respected testing laboratories to underline its reliability and quality as well as to ensure that all our armor designs meet specific project requirements.


Our R&D team possesses more than 25 years’ experience in the design, development, prototyping and final manufacturing of high quality armor designs. At the same time we continuously draft and develop new armor designs in close contact with our partners and end-users. Composites Solutions only makes use of superior materials and first-rate components to ensure the highest possible durability, performance and ballistic capability possible.

Most Technical advanced Armor Designs


Composites Solutions offers the full range and designs of body armor, helmets and insert plates according to all international testing standards. Our products serve the military and navy, police and law enforcement agencies and international security companies operating in the most harsh and hostile environments. Our products are tested and verified by independent third party European and U.S. testing facilities. In addition to our range of standard armor designs Composites Solutions has the internal R&D capabilities to work with our partners and end-users on customized personnel protection solutions.


Composites Solutions utilizes its extensive experience to manufacture highly advanced armour kits for civil as well as military vehicle platforms. Due to a growing worldwide demand, Composites Solutions has continuously developed new armour kit designs for various civil and military vehicle platforms to respond to its customer’s requirements. Our armour kits are designed and manufactured according to STANAG 4569, EN 1063, MIL 662-F, STANAG 2920 and NIJ 0108.01. Composites Solutions armour kits can be provided as applique armour, spall liner, special floor blast systems and seat armour designs.


With its experience and track record in the maritime armouring segment Composites Solutions is able to provide tailored solutions for Patrol Boats, Interceptor Boats, Naval Vessels and high-end Luxury Yachts. Composites Solutions provides highly advanced solutions for armouring existing or new maritime platforms taking into consideration the given ballistic testing criteria, weight requirements as well as the characteristics of the structure materials used. Further more Composites Solutions also cooperates with well-known specialists in this market segment, such as naval engineering companies and interior designers. Composites Solutions supports its customers for maritime armouring designs in every step from the initial design, prototyping, installation, integration and life marine water testing.


Composites Solutions is constantly redefining its helicopter armour kits to ensure it provides its customers the lightest possible design for the given threat level. Composites Solutions lightweight armour kits combined with required aero-grade attachment systems outperform today´s requirements in regards to weight, space savings and protection. Composites Solutions cooperates closely with its customers to ensure that the design, development, manufacturing and integration of the armour kits fulfil all requirements.