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Platform Protection for

Naval Systems
Platform Protection for
Naval Systems

Maritime Armoring

With its experience and track record in the maritime armoring segment Composites Solutions is able to provide tailored solutions for Patrol Boats, Interceptor Boats, Naval Vessels and high-end Luxury Yachts. Composites Solutions provides highly advanced solutions for armoring existing or new maritime platforms taking into consideration the given ballistic testing criteria, weight requirements as well as the characteristics of the structure materials used. Furthermore, Composites Solutions also cooperates with well-known specialists in this market segment, such as naval engineering companies and interior designers. Composites Solutions supports its customers for maritime armoring designs in every step from the initial design, prototyping, installation, integration and life marine water testing.

Composites-Solutions Platform Protection for Naval SYSTEM
Corrosion Resistant


Composites Solutions provides shipyards and naval forces worldwide with armor design concepts for existing or newly-build frigates which are either integrated internally or attached externally. The armor designs provided by Composites Solutions use only the newest, most reliable and proven components to provide state of the art solutions in accordance with customer requirements and international standards.


Crew boat

Composites Solutions provides a well-known project management for the design, manufacture and integration of armour protection concepts for crew boat platforms. Normally the up-armored segments include the wheelhouse, bridge deck, engine room as well as safe rooms and gunner stations.


Patrol Boat

Composites Solutions developed a number of armor design solutions for Patrol Boats in recent years. Composites Solutions supports its customers in every step from the initial Patrol Boat armor design to the prototyping and final installation.

The zones of the Patrol Boat to be up-armored are the wheelhouse, bridge deck, engine room as well as potential gunner stations.

CS Patrol Boat Protection for Naval Systems

Interceptor Boat

Composites Solutions provides proven armor concepts particularly designed for Interceptor Boats. Our armor concepts guarantee the maximum protection possible for all critical areas, e.g. the bridge deck. Our developed light-weight solutions for Interceptor Boats make sure that the maximum speed capabilities are not compromised by the additional armor concept weight.

CS Naval-Systems-interceptor boat


Composites Solutions manufactures armor kits for RIBs to be used in high risk areas. We developed unique armor kits for Rib´s with minimum weight requirements to be used for the console, the Rib´s tubes as well as for gunner stations.

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We have designed several tailored armor concepts for yachts considering the unique requirements such as space availability and the potential wide range of protection levels needed. Various areas of a yacht such as panic rooms or living compartments can be be equipped with different protection levels keeping the tailored protection needs in mind.

Composites Solutions Naval-Systems-yacht

Naval Gunner Shield

Composites Solutions engineered a unique Gunner shield which can be fitted easily to existing gun mount stations. The Gunner Shield can be provided with a 3 or 5 armor panel configuration to protect the user from a 180 degrees attack radius.

Composites Solutions Naval System Naval Gunner shield